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Lashes that Lift to the Heavens



Eyelash Lifting

Lacklustre Lashes

Working in a similar way that a perm lifts the hair on your head, eyelash lifting treatment creates natural looking curl, length and volume to any lacklustre lash for 6-8 weeks.

Our cosmetic grade eye-safe perming solution works to soften the lash hair, making it pliable and easy to mould into the desired shape. Once the lashes have been moulded in the perfect way, a setting solution solidifies the hair bond and locks in the new shape. A moisturising lotion is then applied to ensure the lashes stay soft and lush looking.


What Can Eyelash Lifting do For You?

At Equinox Beauty & Cosmetic Clinic

Each customer who comes to Equinox Beauty and Cosmetic Clinic for an eyelash lifting procedure receives a fully customised treatment, ensuring that the lashes you want are the ones you receive.

Whether your lashes have fallen victim to damage caused by lash extensions, refuse to take to mascara or if they just aren’t the lashes that you want, Equinox Beauty will apply the best of their knowledge to provide you with the perfect solution.

We also provide eyelash tinting on top of your lifts, for those with fair and light hair. Whatever the look you want, we can help you achieve it.

Eyelash extensions can damage the natural growth of your lashes and trying every kind of mascara out there can just be exhausting. With the help of Equinox  skilled beauty technicians and the best cosmetic lash lifting products, you can finally have lashes that would leave angels envious.

After Care

What is the After Care Following Lash Lift?

The first 24 hours after a lash lift are crucial.

On top of not wearing mascara, you should avoid wetting them, steam, and all forms of moisture and humidity, and wearing eye makeup to make the curl last.

At Equinox you can also opt for a lash tint to add extra depth and darkness to your lashes. We also stock LashesMD Eylesh Growth Serum and Eyelash Conditioner which is a professional lash growth serum available without a prescription in Australia.

You’re Beautiful

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