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Lip Hydration and Definition

Are you bothered by thin, uneven, asymmetrical lips or lips that are out of proportion to the rest of your face?

As we age, our skin experiences a decrease in collagen production, which can lead to a decline in skin elasticity and suppleness. Similarly, our lips tend to lose volume and become thinner over time.

The loss of collagen affects the structural integrity of our skin, causing a reduction in overall volume. As a result, our lips can appear to “deflate” or become less full as we grow older.

At Equinox we can help address all these aesthetic concerns by offering a wide range of volumiser and PDO lip threads to balance your lips, plump them, redefine the lip  border, and give you the lips you’ve always wanted.

Lip Enhancement



  • Instant Effects
  • Durable
  • Outline & Evenness
  • Dewy, supple lip hydration

Treatment Options

  • At Equinox, we only use premium lip voumising products which are those made from a naturally occurring sugar called HA, which is a molecule that is already present in the body. The primary function of HA is to hydrate by absorbing water. As we age, levels reduce which cause a loss of hydration leading to line and loss of volume in the lips. When used this products, HA is a gel-like product that, once infused in your lips attracts water to regenerate volume and recreate lost volume and combines with collagen and elastin to help provide structure and elasticity.
  • PDO Threads: We  offer the  option to use PDO threads as an alternative to  for those that do not want the volume but would rather lift and define.  PDO threads are useful for men and women with good lip volume who are looking for a subtle enhancement. PDO lip threads can also be used alongside our other products to encourage collagen production which  will increase the  longevity of the volume  that has been created. .A combination of the above treatments can give you more noticeable and long-lasting results.


15-45 minutes






Slight Swelling, will go down after 48 hours.


Prior to the treatment, you will have a consultation with the provider who will assess your needs and goals. Based on this assessment, a customized treatment plan will be developed.

The duration of the procedure can vary depending on the specific treatment area, typically ranging from around 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

For your comfort during the treatment, the targeted area will be numbed prior to the treatment.

Down Time and After Care

There is no ‘downtime’ after this procedures. However you will experience some swelling.  The swelling will be most obvious 24-48 hours after the treatment.  After 48 hours the swelling will start to go down, you may notice slight bruising at this point.  All swelling and any bruising should be gone within 2 weeks of treatment.

For PDO Lip threads alone there may be slight bruising but this will resolve within 5-10 days.

Prices and more information related to Cosmetic Aesthetic

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has released new guidelines for the Cosmetic Injectable industry.

As a Cosmetic Clinic, we are no longer permitted to advertise services involving Schedule 4 medications on our social media platforms and website, even though we still provide the same treatments.

Specifically, we are now unable to:

Display certain photos or videos of medical treatments, including before and after.

Educate patients on certain medical treatments as we previously did.

Share testimonials (or posts where patients tag us)

Use any words that suggest the use of Schedule 4 medications.

We will continue to provide a variety of cosmetic medical treatments to address aging and other concerns and offer free consultations with registered medical professionals.

Our medical professionals are AHPRA registered and adhere to the same standards as surgeons and other specialists.

Additionally, we cannot mention the cost of these treatments on our platforms.

When booking an online consultation, a refundable deposit may be required. This deposit is fully refundable if it is determined that the available treatment options are not suitable for you.

Lip Hydration and Definition


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