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Tear Through Treatment

Under Eye Rejuvenation

Equinox Beauty and Cosmetic Clinic is one of the top clinics in Perth to treat your dark under-eye bag problem. Our staff of outstanding Perth Cosmetic Nurse Injectors can offer you two major types of treatment; Tear trough rejuvenator and PDO threads for  Under-eye Rejuvenation.


Dark Under-Eye Bags Treatment

Non Surgical Approach

The dark under-eye bags known as tear troughs are the depressions running from the nose up to the under-eye area. Over time, this area of the face tends to sag into wrinkles, and dark circles or hollowing may appear. Many people feel that this area of their face makes them look older or more tired than they really are.

There are many causes of tear trough imperfections. Genetics, lack of sleep, lifestyle and ageing all contribute to sagging in this area. Sagging can be caused by the loss of facial fat in the under-eye and cheek area. It can also result from loosening ligaments. Some people are simply born with a shallow bone structure and lack of fat in this area. Because the skin here is quite thin, it has a tendency to show the effects of ageing sooner than the rest of the face. A tear trough treatment, a non-surgical approach, may alleviate these effects.

Treatment Options

Tear Trough Volume-enhancing treatments : A tear trough treatment involves the use of products above the eye socket bone. This product is then massaged into the fatty tissues underneath the eye, filling in this depression from inside the skin. The treatment can rejuvenate the appearance of this area by plumping up hollow under-eye areas, while concealing dark circles by filling in the loose skin.

PEP Factor Undereye Rejuvenation: The actual procedure may take about 30 minutes. Local anaesthetic is applied to the skin to numb the under eye area. The Pep Factor is then micro penned into the area to be treated; the treatment itself may be slightly uncomfortable as it is intended to produce an inflammatory response stimulating skin rejuvenation. 

PDO THREAD Rejuvenation:If you struggle with visible signs of fatigue or aging around the eyes, such as hollowness, puffiness, or fine lines, non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments can make a dramatic difference. Our advanced skin-tightening and volume-enhancing solutions utilise innovative technologies to gently lift, contour, and revitalise the delicate under-eye area. By stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, these treatments can minimise the appearance of hollowness and dark circles, while restoring a youthful, refreshed look to the eyes. Experience the transformative results of these safe, effective skin solutions tailored to your unique concerns and desired outcome.This highlights the benefits of treatments like PDO threads in addressing under-eye issues, without explicitly naming the procedure. The focus is on the desired outcomes, such as reducing hollowness and revitalizing the eye area, through natural skin rejuvenation methods.


30-60 Minutes






Every 12-18 months

Tear Through Fillers


What are the Side Effects?

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks; Depending on the treatment option implemented you may experience mild redness, tenderness, bruising and swelling. These effects usually dissipate within a week of treatment and can be camouflaged with makeup. The success rate of this treatment is very high, and major long-term side effects are rare. In some cases, the injected filled causes a lump or bump underneath the skin. This can usually be massaged away if caught during the treatment visit, and will dissipate on its own over a period of weeks.

What is the down time and after care following Dark under-eye bags treatment?

No downtime is needed following a Dark under-eye bags treatment. Patients can return to work and other daily activities immediately.

How long the results last?

The results are visible instantly, and usually last anywhere between 12-18 months. We highly recommend using Aspect DrTM Eye Lift Serum to optimise the results.


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