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Flash Glamour, Extra Glamerisation or Bridzilla no-more


In order to become your one-stop beauty hub, we are pleased to inform you that we are a stocklist of Inglot Cosmetics.
Inglot Cosmetics is a Polish brand that was established 25 years ago by Wojtek Inglot, a chemist. Due to its high quality and extensive range of cosmetic products, Inglot became an international sensation. Inglot gives the freedom to customize and personlise your makeup palettes through the Freedom System. This allows you to be creative and showcase your individual personalities through your makeup.

With a wide range of 1,500 colours and an impressive variety of products, there’s never a dull moment with Inglot Makeup.
We are also proud to announce an in-clinic makeup artist who can get you ready for a simple night out with the girls to getting you glam for your special day.

Flash Glamour

Heading out after work or just needing a fresh application of makeup? Come on in to have your glam on in a flash. This gives you the opportunity to try a new look or product and this might very well become your signature look.

$39.99 | 15 minutes | 

Extra Glamerisation

Needing to look extra special? Our “Extra Glamerisation” package would be just right for you. We will get you all made up with a perfect foundation match, an eye look that will make your eyes pop as well as luscious lips! We will definitely ensure that you are flawless when we are done with you.

$95 | 45 minutes

Bridzilla no-more

We at Equinox got you all covered in terms of looking your best for your wedding. Whether you are going for a soft glam look or something out there, we got you covered. To make things easier, we also offer bridal packages to get you ready for your big day. These wedding packages would help you to prepare your skin to look your best for the wedding. You and your bridesmaid will enjoy a free makeup application with every wedding package purchased. Find out more here.

$95 or Free when bridal packages are purchased.



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